A new home for Bible Stories Library

Today I begin building my grand re-opening of the Bible Stories Library website. A new home, new web development tools, new vision and mission, lots of energy and excitement, and a Father in Heaven to hold me up!

My vision for this site is simply this: Provide relatable online content to help those searching for Christ.

And my supporting mission is to provide you with:

  • a blog containing modern context, and real-life examples that help explain bible stories,
  • pages of encouragement, Christian-themed artwork, and topical bible verses,
  • tips on parenting, family leadership, work-life-play balance,
  • free resources to help you share bible stories with others,
  • …and bits of humor and entertaining thoughts to lighten your day.

For those of you who have visited me before and maybe been following me all along, you may recognize some of the images below…

Stay in touch!  I’ll be adding more and more content as the days go by!

Cheers, Pat

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