Hi there!  My name is Pat Boone.  I am the author and creator of the Bible Stories Library.

I’m the tall guy in the picture above, with my beautiful wife and two sons beside me.

I’ve been an imperfect follower of Christ for as long as I can remember.  I was baptized as a teenager, attended years of Christian summer camps, taught Sunday School, delivered sermons, and operated a Bible-based website now for over 8 years.

Because a Christian’s relationship with God is personal in nature I believe God reveals different aspects of Himself to each of his children, which compels us to seek each other out and learn what God has revealed to each of us.  My experience, study, and application of God’s word makes me different than anybody else – as does yours.  What this means is that we each have a different perspective of a relationship with Christ.

On this site, you may see traditional views on biblical topics and maybe even a few new thoughts to consider in your walk with God.  In fact, the Bible Stories Library is a culmination of my thoughts and experiences of a personal relationship with Christ.

Focusing (and losing focus) on Christ has led to valuable insights from the perspective of: a child of God, a husband, and a parent. My relationships with my sons and wife have taught me more about the Bible than any amount of studying ever could (well, you DO need to study the Bible, but I still…they taught me a lot!).

Recently, our church had a guest speaker from our local hospital’s pastoral care area.  One of his stories involved an atheist man to whom he witnessed one day, and whom he saw again a few weeks later.  When the pastor had visited him a second time the man had accepted Christ as his savior, mentioning that he had done a lot of research online to help him come to his decision.

Although my website has been up for eight years, this story propelled me to a new vision and mission.

My vision is simply this: Provide relatable online content to help those searching for Christ.

My supporting mission for this website is to provide you with:

  • a blog containing modern context, and real-life examples that help explain bible stories,
  • pages of encouragement, Christian-themed artwork, and topical bible verses,
  • tips on parenting, family leadership, work-life-play balance,
  • free resources to help you share bible stories with others,
  • …and bits of humor and entertaining thoughts to lighten your day.

My Beliefs

The points below form the foundation of all content created for this website:

  • I believe God exists in three separate “persons”, different but the same. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit,
  • I believe the Bible is God inspired, inerrant, and is the all-encompassing word of how he wants us to live,
  • I believe the only way to get to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ (God the Son),
  • I believe in a relative young earth (around six thousand years),
  • I believe satan is having a field day with today’s society.

I hope to hear from you soon!