Christian Desktop Wallpaper

Christian-themed Desktop Images with a Bible Verse

A library isn’t only about books and reading. A good library should offer a variety of resources and entertainment.

If you’re looking for an ice breaker with a co-worker or family member or you would like to show someone “where you stand”, then applying appropriate desktop wallpaper to your PC may just provide that opportunity.

For desktop wallpaper at work, I use a Bible verse that is relevant to what I’m going through or has touched me.

Recently, I was in a conference call with an IT support person. She took control of my computer to fix the problem I was having. As she looked at my desktop wallpaper, she said, “That’s an excellent verse, I really like that one.”

Funny how you can make someone’s day 2000 miles away with a simple Bible verse.

Download Christian desktop wallpaper (optimized for 1024×768 screen resolution) below.  Click an image below to view the full-sized version, and then right-click on the new image and choose “Save Target As…”.  You can get back to this window by choosing the “Back” button in your browser.

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